The Wilderness of Warrendale

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Hello there. What brings you here? This is a desolate place.

I'm hungry.

Well I haven't slept in a decent bed for... too long.


Alright. Fine. Let's look around, maybe we'll find something to eat.


Bigger map (was 256 now 2048). Biomes (plain, ice, fern). Faster map load. Emojis fixed.

Initial release.

Known Issues

Hiccups when panning.
Some world restarts are total shroud or do not show mobs.
Shroud not updated when wall mined.
Some emojis corrupted. 0.1.210118


121 KB
No sound effects
Touch screen only

Tested on
Chrome 71 Android 4.1.2


greggman/twgl.js license
LingDong-/ndwfc license
bgrins/javascript-astar license
thomcc/quick-noise.js license
davidbau/seedrandom license
feross/fromentries license
tommyettinger/mulberry32 license

[Begin Quest]

Created 2020/12/31
Updated 2021/01/18
Copyright 2021 Arekan O'Nare